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Singer, Vocal Coach & Personal Trainer

Welcome to my site! In addition to being an entertainer, vocal coach, and personal fitness trainer, I’m also the creator of the VOXXBODY Vocal Fitness System, probably the coolest workout program on the market today! As a result of my passion for music and fitness, I’ve made it my life’s mission to entertain, motivate and inspire people. Join me on my journey.


I’m VERY proud to FINALLY introduce my latest project: The VOXXBODY Vocal Fitness System! It’s a fitness program I designed specifically for singers, stage performers, public speakers, or anyone who wants to improve their physical AND vocal health and have fun doing it!

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Five Tips to Improve Your Technique

One of the most interesting aspects of being a vocal coach and personal trainer is recognizing the parallels between the fitness and music worlds. One of the things I’ve noticed in both worlds is the apparent lack of appreciation of the importance of good technique.

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