Two of the oldest musical instruments in human history are the drum and the voice. Other than being a potentially mind-blowing musical instrument, the voice is our primary source of communication, and because of this it must be taken care of and trained in order to work at it’s fullest potential. Singing is my life’s work, my passion,  and I want to share with you the experience I’ve gained over many years of professional singing, and help you unlock the secrets of your own voice.

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding my online vocal coaching program:

What’s the difference between “singing lessons” and “vocal consulting”?

Technically speaking, there’s no real difference between ‘teaching’ and ‘consulting’; both involve methods designed to help you reach your goal of becoming a better singer. In my opinion, however, the term ‘consulting’ implies a more motivational approach to vocal training. My goal is to help you improve the skills you already may have, using practical, logical techniques that really work.

Why should I consider studying with you? What makes you so great?

With 20 years of practical experience as a singer of many styles of music, as well as years of experience as a studio singer, vocal producer/arranger and instructor, I know many different techniques that are valuable to even the most experienced singers and performers. I’m also an instructor at the University of Popular Music (Popakademie) in Mannheim and the Modern Music Center in Stuttgart.

Why Online Vocal Consulting?

Due to the overwhelming amount of requests I receive for vocal coaching, my Online Vocal Consulting program is the most efficient, cost effective way to help people interested in learning more about their voices. While not as intimate as an in-person vocal coaching session (which I do offer in special cases), coaching via the Web is in my experience just as exciting and useful. It also lets you practice singing in the privacy of your own home. Online Vocal Consulting also allows me to train singers in special situations; for example, when I’m on the road.

How does it work? I can’t imagine that Online Vocal Consulting is very useful…

In my experience, vocal coaching via the Web works very well and has many practical advantages. I conduct all sessions via Skype (Mac/PC) or iChat (Mac only, included with Mac OSX), which is better than simply posting video lessons on YouTube, because I can control if you’re doing the exercises properly, in real time. All you need is a webcam and a fast Internet connection (IMPORTANT: you need at least a fast DSL 16000 or cable connection for a dropout-free video chat session).

How much does it cost?

The prices for an Online Vocal Consulting session depends on which session length you choose. I offer 30 minute (€40,-), 45 minute (€50,-) or 60 minute (€60,-) sessions. You have the option of training with me once a month (minimum) every two weeks (recommended) or weekly (highly recommended). Session times are coordinated individually to fit your time zone and schedule (and mine). Sessions are conducted in English or German.

How do I pay for a session?

All sessions are billed monthly via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can easily register for one when you sign up for a session.

How do I schedule a coaching session?

Very easily! Just fill out the Online Vocal Consulting Sign-up Form. It’s available in English and German. It’s very important that you fill out the Sign-up Form as completely as possible; the more advance info I have about you, the faster we can get started!

Can I get a free consultation (Beratung)?

Yes, of course! Every session plan includes one free 20 minute practice session, so that we can get to know each other and talk specifically about how I can help you. For vocal consulting to work, you need to feel comfortable working with me.

How can I cancel a session?

If you need to cancel a session, please give me 24 hours advance notice, otherwise the session must be paid in full. There is also the possibility of rescheduling a session, but only in special cases.

Do you give the sessions yourself?

Yes! I conduct all sessions personally.

How often should I train?

For vocal coaching to be effective, I recommend training at least two times a month. Once a month is ok, but the more often you train, the better you will become, faster.

What exactly will you train with me?

Each session is designed to suit your individual needs and skill level. To start, we will concentrate on proper breathing techniques, correct posture while singing and finding “your sound”. We’ll then move on to specific exercises designed to help you improve your strength, endurance and vocal range.

Will coaching change my singing style?

Not unless you want it to! Many other vocal coaches / teachers will promise you that singing lessons will not change how you sound. In my opinion, this is a contradiction, since any kind of formal vocal training is bound to change your sound in some way. My main focus however is not only to show you how to sing better, but to show you why you sing better using these techniques.

Do you also do vocal consulting for studio sessions, tour preparation, etc.?

Yes! I also coach duos and groups, as well as artists signed to record labels and public speakers. If your have any other specific questions about Online Vocal Coaching or other services please contact me at .