Being a vocal coach and entertainer is not my only passion. Fitness is my second passion in life, right up there with creating and performing music. Although I’ve always been a physically active person due to the nature of my job, The importance of physical fitness has become more apparent to me as I get older. That’s why I’m offering online personal training services.

To me, fitness is more than just the act of working out; it is truly a lifestyle choice. It’s even more relevant considering the nature of my profession; the constant traveling, long hours on stage, frequent downtime, and irregular schedule require a certain amount of stamina. Fitness helps me stay sharp, keeps my mind focussed, and my mood positive. Being fit and healthy is a central theme of my life.

As a fitness trainer, I’ve made it my mission to help my fellow musicians and others lead healthier, more active lives. Let me help you reach your physical and mental goals. For more information about my Online Personal Training program, click here.