I’m VERY proud to FINALLY introduce my latest project: The VOXXBODY® Vocal Fitness System! It’s a home workout program that combines fitness training with vocal exercises. I designed VOXXBODY® specifically for singers, stage performers, public speakers, or anyone who wants to improve their physical AND vocal health and have fun doing it!

For those of you who are in Stuttgart or the surrounding area: the first introductory classes will be on April 3rd and 5th at 20:00 in the MODERN MUSIC CENTER in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. Classes are limited in size, so if you’re interested, sign up at info@mmc-stuttgart.de or call 0711-99770925. Later in the year, I will be giving workshops in various cities in Germany and beyond.

I’ve been working on this for three years now, and it feels GREAT to FINALLY talk publicly about it. Whoo-HOOO!!! 1f603