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Music is my life! I’ve always dreamed of being a performing artist, and I have worked very hard to make that dream a reality. From music lessons to talent shows, my childhood was dedicated to creating art. Growing up most of my life in a foreign country exposed me to many different cultures, and living abroad influences my music to this day.

It doesn’t matter to me if I’m on stage or behind the scenes; making music is a fundamental part of my daily life. Nothing gives me more joy than to entertain, motivate, and inspire people through singing and coaching. I LOVE my f***ing job!

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Training future rockstars is my passion.


I have been a singer and performing artist since I was 5 years old. Although I LOVE being on stage in front of people, my true calling is teaching people how to become better singers. I started giving singing lessons in 2009, and since then I’ve coached literally hundreds of singers, public speakers, teachers, fitness trainers, and others to effectively use their voices more effectively.

Originally, I started vocal coaching in schools: I teach singing and songwriting at the University of Popular Music and Business (aka Popakademie) in Mannheim, Germany, and at the Modern Music Center in Stuttgart, Germany. I’ve been giving online voice lessons since 2012 and I’ve built a diverse international client roster, with students from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

My celebrity students include international pop star Alice Merton (worldwide chart hit “No Roots”), German pop stars Joris, Luca Optifanti (Antiheld), Matthias Sayer (Farmer Boys), poet and actress Julia Engelmann, German pop star Cassandra Steen, Swiss pop star and Miss Switzerland 2009 Linda Fäh, and many, many more.

As a vocal coach, I focus more on why to sing, instead of how to sing. I believe that once you are crystal clear on your reasons for wanting to sing, learning the actual vocal techniques become much easier. Singing is storytelling, so I teach my clients and students to use not only their voices but their bodies as well. I’ve even created a fitness program that combines vocal training and fitness; the award-winning VOXXBODY® Vocal Fitness System.

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My career as a professional musician began here in my adopted home country of Germany, where I got my first record deal at 21. Since then, I’ve performed on literally thousands of stages around the world, and my music has been on the charts in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greece, and many South American countries.

My voice has been featured in a number of commercials, including one of Germany’s longest-running ad campaigns, “Magic of Home”, for the Langnese Cremissimo ice cream brand. I’ve also worked as a background singer for many famous national and international artists, including Marius Müller Westernhagen, Sabrina Setlur, Glashaus, Moses Pelham, and more. I’ve also shared the stage with such stars as Shaggy, Mary J. Blige, Crystal Waters, The Backstreet Boys, and more.

In 2006 I formed the crossover rock band “iO” together with Dennis Poschwatta, Stefan Ude, and Henning Rümenapp, three of the members of Germany’s most successful crossover band to date, Guano Apes. Our debut album “For The Masses” was released in 2008.

One of the highlights of my career was my participation in Season One of “The Voice Of Germany“, one of the most successful TV talent competitions in Germany. In fact, the premiere season was heavily promoted using excerpts from my blind audition. 😎

I’ve also worked as a remixer for artists such as Moses Pelham, Glasshaus, and Waterproof. You can hear some of my work on the MEDIA page.