…is my first love. It will be my last.

First and foremost, I’m a musician. Be it singing, writing, composing, producing, or coaching; my love for music is the driving force behind EVERYTHING I do.


…gives me purpose, builds my focus and makes me a better singer.

A strong body makes a healthy voice. Physical fitness is a vital aspect of every singer’s life, and being able to help others achieve their fitness goals is an important part of my life.


Use Your Voice To Help You Get Fit.

I’m passionate about helping people make positive changes in their lives, so I’ve created a fun, innovative home workout program where you use one of the most potent fitness tools you already have: your voice.

VOXXBODY® combines fitness training with vocal & speech exercises. By using your voice to enhance your workout, you’ll not only get in great shape, but you’ll also dramatically improve your vocal endurance and power.


Here you’ll find some of my music and video releases and videos from the past few years.